Splendiferous Sundries

I solved the impossible puzzles they gave me
changed the rules no way to save me
won all the fights but the world forgave me
wrapped up the dreams in the world that pays me
told me I had a balance of the troubles that come up
overtime when my balances burn up
drop to my knees feel like I’m gonna throw up
and changed the game just as I started to come up
~Abney Park

We Love Role-Play opens June 4th and I have a couple amazing items featured for you to view.  The Muses has a set of 3 dresses coming.  This one was one of my favorites and I hope you like it too.  Its fit for all major bodies too!  The hat is by ERSCH and has 3 different color HUDs in the fatpack.  It goes really well with all 3 of The Muses dresses.  Enjoy!


On Me:

 We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW Opening June 4th*
 Orla Headband by ERSCH
 Abielle Sunrise Gown by The Muses

Mechanic's Headset by The Forge @ Uber *New*
Carolline Hair by Limerence @ Kinky Event *New*
Pose: The Heart Series by An Lar Poses

**Many Items are discontinued so I will not credit them sorry**

The Illusionist - Hoodini the Owl - RARE by Remarkable Oblivion
Wainwright's Toys: Ornament Drone *???* v1.0 & Wainwright's Toys: Mister Flakkles by Contraption

Steampunk Spider by Hideki

The Mad Scientist's Birdcage by Half-Deer
Wall: Playing Cats by LOVE
Mech Birds by Distorted Dreams