Prophet 60091

Prophet 60091
This is the flight number of our galactic sun
Prophet 60091
Before we start you should know that you're not the only one
Who can hurt me

This is the serial number of our orbital gun
You better be sure before you leave me for another one
You can hurt me
I can hurt you

Notice Me, Senpai is open!!!  Come check out all the kawaii and sexy creations.  Today I am featuring creations from Dahlia and Poseidon.  Dahlias headset comes with fully customizable HUD and extra colors in the fatpack and Poseidon has a collection of new poses for both men and women!  My favorite is the Anime Saeko set which comes with a katana prop!

I am also featuring LAQs new head and eyelashes Sandy.  Like all LAQ heads the cost is super affordable, 1500L and the all-in-1 HUD is 3000L and can be used on any of her heads which is amazing!  Check out this release at Uber.


On Me:
Skin: CHI HI RO # MAKEUP SKIN 9 LAQby Mudskin @ Kustom9 *New*
Head & Lashes: Sandy by LAQ @ Uber *New*
#14 Cute mania - Hair Sweet by Sintiklia
Aura PE-XT17 Holo: Mini WIngs, Side Panes, Panties, Top, Bracers, Backpack, Hip Belt & Boots by Stargazer Creations @ Lootbox *New*
Akumano - Headphones (Fatpack w/ extra colors!) by Dahlia @ Notice Me Senpai *New*
Sakura Collar by AlternatiVe @ Notice Me Senpai *New*
Replicant Joints / BLACK (v.2) by Cureless
Pose: Anime Saeko 3 by Poseidon @ Notice Me Senapi *New*

{George} loyal minions by [Cubic Cherry]&.TeaBunny. *Coming Soon to The Crystal Heart Festival* NEW