Tell me why
I like the way you get me high
So alive, that you just make me wanna die
Tell me why
Why i still want you to be mine?
You're a poison in my mind
Stop my heart and hope to die

Candy coated suicide
You're my candy coated suicide
~Night Club



Ananias Helmet [Onyx&Red] by Azoury @ Limit8 *New*
Vexing Hairstyle by Beusy (Comes with Bento hand/arm pose)
Leilani Body Suit by Meva
Frida Prosthetic - Color Block by Death Row Designs @ N21 *New*
Cheesy SLices of Pizza by La Baguette @ Blush *New*
Scars: Survivor by The White Crow
Pose (not including arm pose): Higher 3 by Foxcity

World's End Warning Signs - 6 & 7 by Krescendo
Cat Cafe - Relaxed Cat~ & Stealing Fish by Clavv @ The Arcade *New*