Toys In The Attic

Voices on the staircase
Toys in the attic are
Calling from the rafters
Ghost of a sigh
Pretty painted faces
Ride on the rocking horse
Memories of shadow
Dreams never die

I could fly if I wanted to
I could reach for the sky
We can swim like the dolphins and...
We can laugh' till we cry

But there's nothing to say
Dolls made of clay
We can play all day
Toys in the attic…

Have you forgotten all those fond memories?  Don't you hear us wanting to play?  Come you know you wish to stay.  The toys in the attic . . .


Lightly Rustic Crates, Frames & Ladder by Disorderly @ Collabor88 *New*
Domestic Roses Gacha: Rose Water / EXCLUSIVE, Book of Roses / RED & Potted Roses / YELLOW by Disorderly @ The Epiphany *New*
Cracked Glass by Anc

On Me:
Porcelain Skin (LAQ Neve) by Jeanette's Joint @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Makeup: Madamoiselle make up OMEGA/LAQ by KRR
Rosaly Hair by Limerence @ Bloom *New*
Yanni Bodysuit by Una *Coming Soon to Kinky Event* NEW
Antique Necklaces Gacha - Spade by The Looking Glass @ GachaLand *New*
Pose: Broken Doll 6 by Fruct0se