The Dungeon Master

“Who needs sports stardom when you can shoot fireballs from your fingertips?” 
― Ethan Gilsdorf

We Love Role-Play is opening soon for another amazing round in just a couple of days on April 4th and {U}northodox has a bunch of amazing items for the event.  Not only are there amazing mesh monsters that come straight out of your typical role-playing rule book (think Mimics and Cloakers) but they also made a full table top role playing set complete with game decor (character sheets, dice box, etc).  It is great to decorate your home in fun geekiness!


We Love Role-Play Items by {U}northodox *New* Coming Soon!
Game Master Set: Game Master Poster, Character Sheet, Dice Chest & Game Master Divider.
The Beholder
Cloakur Statue

Poses w/ Table & Chairs (heavily modified for theme): Poker Round by S26

Flying Pappers by Mushilu *Coming Soon to The Black Fair * NEW

Left Avatar:
Sofia Hair by Limerence @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Eevi Jacket & Romper by Miss Chelsea @ N21 *New*
Rinoa Get Heels by Le Fil Casse @ N21 *New*

Right Avatar:
Marcia Marcia Marcia Hair by Exile *New*
Cinthya Sport Jacket, Jogger & Bootie by Addams *New*