Bring On The Dying

“I look at the sky and the dust that separates us from the stars that will be my home. I breathe in the night air, the rotten night air, and I miss, 
I miss, 
I miss.” 
― Corinne Duyvis, On the Edge of Gone


On Me:
Dirty Hoodie & Dirty Mask by Maru Kado @ Remnant *New*
Bo Leggings by NX-Nardcotix
Women's Sneakers Black by Sorumin @ The Imaginarium *New*
Savage Cleaver by The Forge [EZ] @ Remnant *New*
Pose w/ Swing: *Easy Breezy* Live the Moment by Le Poppycock

The Forgotten Playground Gacha - Bouncy Castle RARE, Swing Carousel, MAD Monkey Bars - A, MAD Monkey Bars - D, MAD Monkey Bars - M,Ride-Along Toy - Puppy, Bench - Orange, Trash Can & Rocket Slide GOI by Madpea @ The Imaginarium *New*

SRS Barrel Mess 2 by Unkindness

post apoc camp firebarrel by Death Row Designs