The Keymaker

The Keymaker: Only the One can open the door. And only during that window can that door be opened.

Niobe: How do *you* know all this?

The Keymaker: I know because I *must* know. It is my purpose. It is the reason I am here. The same reason we are *all* here.
~The Matrix Reloaded

The Keymaker


On Me:
Hair: MiSun by Taketomi @ N21 *New*
Replicant Joints (Tattoos) by Cureless @ Remnant *New*
Punk Penny Body by Addams *New*
Hawkeye Gloves by Eliavah @ Remnant *New*
Dyau Leg by Azoury
Valerie Pumps by @ N21 *New*
Pose: Endless 8 by La Baguette @ Hentai Fair 3 *New*

Disorderly Items: *New*
Antiqued Gacha: Key Cage & Key Pile @ Shiny Shabby
Experimental Gacha: Handheld Monitor, Medical Box / EXCLUSIVE, Hologram & Fluid Display