The Outpost

Hallucinate in high fidelity
The pieces of a plan
Construction of the highest quality
The blood from my own hand
A line of lyric looping in my head
Nobody listening
I guess it really doesn't matter anymore
I guess it doesn't mean a thing
~Nine Inch Nails

The Outpost


On Me:
Hair: Marilyn Hair + Bandana by Beusy @ District 20 *New* 
Rowena Outfit by Valentina E @ Remnant *New*
Mourning Lily Boots by Death Row Designs @ N21 *New*
Pose w/ Gun: Pistol 11 by Poseidon

The Last Outpost by Krescendo @ Remnant *New*
World's End Warning Signs - 1 RARE by Krescendo @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*

PA - Constructed Outlook - Sandbags, Ladder Tall, Tire Pile, Trash Fire, Spotlight & San Mora - Water Tower by Death Row Designs

Neon elephant love by Floorplan @ N21 *New*