The Captains Cabin

My ship was the last sight that many would see
As we narrowed the gap with our quarry
The sound of the cannons and splintering wood
Would herald our paths into glory

We seized all the bounty and scuppered the ship
Our hearts hadn't time for the wounded
I took my share and the crew got the rest
And on into port we then bounded

And for what?
We heeded no law
Made other men suffer so we could have more
And for what?
We lived every day
With the noose of the hangman a hair's breadth away
And If I could go back and make my amends
I'd make all those mistakes again
I'd kill every last one of those bastards, my friend

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The Captains Cabin


On Me:    
Daniela Gacha Hair Common 2 by Limerence @ The Chapter Four *New*
Holly Gacha Set: Corsage, Pearls Necklace, Skirt, Pussy Cover, Hat & Boots by Meva *Coming Soon to The Epiphany* NEW
Circe Eyepatch by Supernatural @ The Nightmare Event *New*
Ardor Tattoo by Nanika @ On9 *New*
Pose: Discontinued 

My Favorite Place Gacha Set: Fireplace Bust - COMMON, Stack of Books - COMMON, Candle Books - COMMON, Cello - COMMON, Library Ottoman - COMMON, Library Stool - COMMON, Library Stepladder - COMMON, My Favorite Place - RARE & World Globe - COMMON by 22769 @ The Epiphany *Coming Soon*

Poe's Writing Desk, Poe's Writing Chair, & Raven Inkwell by Unkindness @ Salem *New*