Through Death Comes Rebirth

Free bird fly
Although you think your wings are broken
Free bird fly
'Cause living is more than simply hoping
Free bird fly
There's no excuse you've got to try now
Free bird fly
I know you can do it
So let me see you smile now

Autumn is the most beautiful time of year.  It is full of color and grace.  Who knew death was so beautiful???  Autumn is a reflection of life.  We must see death as not a bad thing but as a good thing.  With death comes rebirth.  A rebirth to something new and beautiful.  Its the cycle we live, the wheel of life and it is lovely!

Through Death Comes Rebirth


Afelia Hair Common1 & Afelia Flowers RARE (Lootbox) by Limerence @ Lootbox *New*
Momiji Gacha Outfit: Kimono A RARE, Maple Set & Geta C by Momochuu @ Lootbox *New*
Autumn Fairy Mask #2-y & Wing #2-r by Naminoke @ Lootbox *New*
Pose: Nomimo G.sit 5 by La Baguette

Avian Arcana Gacha: Hatching Fire Egg RARE (Lootbox) by Jian @ Lootbox *New*

Takeout Bag by AsteroidBox @ The Kawaii Project *New*

Photo Taken at MATSURI YUUKAKU (Japanese town) *Opening Soon*