Slania's Song

The choirs of bards
Sing the glory
Of the undying names
Of fallen heroes,
That gave their lives,
Their blood
For the freedom of their fatherland.

The Fantasy Collective is open now!!!  The theme is Vikings which is one of my favorite themes for a shopping event.  Some of the best fantasy designers in SL have some amazing creations in store for you.  Hurry, event ends the end of September.  Check out the shopping guide HERE.

Slania's Song


On Me:
Hair w/ Headband: Freya by Calico Hair
Cledence Body Suit by PULSE @ The Chapter Four *New*
Wilma Heels by Wicca's Wardrobe
Wayfinder Necklace by OXIDE @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Potions on Ribs by PFC
Battle Scars by Even~Tide
Pose:Sits VOL 3-5m by Foxcity

Mead Hall Collection: Table, Bench, Longboat Candle, Dragon Chair,  Mjolnir Candle & Dragon Wall Torch by Jian @ The Fantasy Collective *New*

Soup Dish, Old Tavern Barrel, Old Tavern Trunk, Old Tavern Wood Glass & Shield Of Pain by Noble Creations

Meri's Decimation. (Sword) -firo1.03 by EZ Weapons/The Forge

Feast Bread COMMON, Feast Bloodpudding saussages COMMON, Feast Decanter COMMON,  Feast Chicken Legs COMMON & Feast Stew COMMON by 22769

Mage Goblet - Rare 01 by Velvet Whip

Celtic Master Throne by Moon_Sha