Room 217

This grim vocation
These fearsome wages
I am the nightmare seeker
A student of violent teachers
The one who never forgets.
I can never forget.
~Lamb of God

The Nightmare Events is about to open!  This is one of my favorite SL events because its all about spooky and scary Halloween goodness!  I love Halloween and this month is going to be EPIC!  Not only does The Nightmare event have shopping but also the fun and creepy haunted hunt!  It is a great time to spend with friends while getting some quality gifts.  Salem is also opening on the 1st and is another of my favorite events.  Bad Unicorn has an amazing photo-scene and axe prop in homage to "The Shining" movie by Stanley Kubrick.  The title of this photo is named after the room number in the book which was changed to room 237 for the movie because the owners of the real life hotel did not want people to be scared of actually staying in room 217.  lol  Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

The Nightmare Event opens on October 1st!!!

Room 217


Redrum Backdrop & Axe by Bad Unicorn *Coming Soon to Salem * NEW

Maya Hair by Phoenix Hair @ Hairology *New*
Apocalypse Seifuku Lootbox by NYU @ Lootbox *New*
Kitty Bag by Glutz *Coming Soon to The Nightmare Event* NEW
Bento Prosthetic Arm by Katat0nik
Pose: Show Off 7 by Foxcity

Sanguine Nightmare Decor by Deadly Nightshade *Coming Soon to The Nightmare Event* NEW
Whats in your closet - Statue by Wicked Ladies *Coming Soon to The Nightmare Event* NEW
Mimic Chair by Violetility *Coming Soon to The Nightmare Event* NEW
MM2 hanging dolls by Death Row Designs