Out to Sea

Out to the sea I cry my heart
Into the wind I weep my sorrows
Below this soil I lay my thoughts
Under the waves I drown my grief

Out To Sea


On Me:
Skin: Delia in Tone 7 by Amara Beauty for September 2017 Powder Pack *New*
Hair: Core by Analog Dog @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Helga Outfit: Leather Skirt & Shoulder Fur by Valentina E. *New*
Lisa Gacha Set: Upperarm, Necklace Short, Necklace Middle RARE, Necklace Long, Ring & Bracelets by Meva @ Imaginarium *New*
Hairbase by Just Magnetized
Pose w/ Shield: The Shield Maiden  #5 by Eternal Dreams

Viking Age Warship by Drot @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Triple Candle Holder by Zerkalo @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
The Village Gacha - Weapons by PPK
Dock Barrel Cluster, Fish Rack, Dock Barrel, Dock Rowboat & Rope Coil by {LORE}