Dog Days of Summer

August is like the Sunday of summer . . . 

Dog Days of Summer


On Me:
Breezy Bikini by Moon Amore
Hair: Rebecca Short by Pr!tty @ The Chapter Four *New*
Carbon Sunglasses by Dahlia @ The Chapter Four *New*
FineApple Gacha Set: 20 RARE Earrings & Necklace, Ice Cream, Slippers 19 RARE, Pool Baloon, & Garden Decor by .Oppa @ The Gacha Garden *New*
Sparkle.Pearl Kawaii.Neko Ears! {Lime}  by Epic! *New*
Pose: Pool Bunny V2 - 7m Fatpack Exclusive by Foxcity

Fun Frenchies Gacha Set: *SOI* Party Pool, White Spot Swimmer,  Life Guard RARE, Hot Dog Floater RARE, & Beach Chair RARE by Jian @ The Gacha Garden *New*

Beach Picnic Gacha Set: Water Melon,  Coconut & Strawberries by Pillows @ Sanarae *New*