Under Your Spell

You're a story that I hoped I'd never have to tell
You're a lesson that I wish I'd never learned so well
After all my years of giving up and letting go
All I wanted was to give you what you've never known

I know now
You can only hurt me cause I let you get to know me so well
I know now
I love you cause only you can turn my heaven to hell

I know now
I want out from under your spell
Under your spell
I'm under your spell
~The Birthday Massacre

A new round of We Love Role-Play is opening in just a few hours!  Tuesday, July 4th at 3pm SLT!  
So after you have stuffed your faces (in the states at least) with some Independence day food log in and come by for another fantastic round.  I know I am super excited!  

The Gacha Guardians is in full swing and is filled with some amazing gachas for you to play.  I love Birth Skins new gacha with lipsticks, eyeshadow and skins.  The Gift of the Guardians (your pull prize after 15 pulls) is one of 2 skins with a 50/50 chance of winning one.  I am wearing the Fairy GOG and the other is a Drow GOG.  Both are stunning and made for Catwa.  I am also wearing pink eyeshadow from Births gacha which compliments the rare Fairy skins perfectly!  I hope you enjoy this pic!


Mossy Stones by Moon_Sha *Coming Soon to We <3 Role-Play*
Rapunzel Flowers by 3rd Eye Perceptions

On Me:
Skin & Eyeshadow: SFairy GOG & Eyeshadow 1 (On Catwa Lona) by Birth @ The Gacha Guardians *New*
Lima Dress by Una *Coming Soon to We <3 Roleplay*
Aschera Hair by Runaway @ The Hair Fair *New*
Modern Fairy Gacha: Mystery GOG (Halo), GOG Wand, Bracelet, Chest Tattoo & Leg Tattoo by ERSCH @ The Gacha Guardians *New*
Cora Bracelets by Kunglers *Coming Soon to We <3 Role-Play*
Pose: Enchantress 8 by Poseidon