Simple Things

It's an easy ride to roam 
You'll never walk alone 
Naturally, we blew 
Simple things we say 
Every day we'll find the way 

Seems like we've opened up the door 
Feels like we've walked this way before
Naturally, we grew 
Simple things you say 
Every day you'll find the way
It amazes
Every day
~Zero 7

Just when you feel alone someone or something comes to help guide the way . . . 

Simple Things


Arhia Dress Wind & Butterflies by Una @ The Seasons Story *New*
Hair: Hippie by Pr!tty
Chains Choker by Avenge @ Limit8 *new*
Meghan Tattoo by Nanika @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Body Dandelions 10 (white) by Persefona
Pose: The Ingrid Series by An Lar Poses @ The Chapter Four *New*

"in peace" Lily {light} by Anc
 Lilypads Cluster with Lily  by Dysfunctionality