All The Troubled Hearts

Trouble is a force you try to hide away.
Nowhere to avert your eyes.
But nothing in the night, is nothing in the day.
Everywhere the darkness cries.

I'm gonna make it up to you somehow
~ Daudi Matsiko

Celebrating the life we live.  Our spirit only lives once in this lifetime so enjoy it when you can.

All The Troubled People


On Me:
Nicole Hair by RunAway @ Hair Fair 2017 *New*
Headpieces: Hinotori Kanzashi by CerberusXing @ Japonica *New*
Blossom Okobo sandals with HUD by Astralia @ Japonica *New*
Pose: Candy Candy (Bonus) by Foxcity

House: Kominka-01 by Maru Kado @ Japonica *New*

OBANZAI Set: Kouya doufu Server- (dried tofu), Beer, Nimono Server- (knoted kelp) & karaage Server - (Fried chicken) by Monkey Banana @ Japonica *New*

KAZAGURUMA GACHA: -15-  b.v Yatai (red) RARE, & -10-  b.v Chochin stand (red) bu Bitter Vanilla @ Japonica *New*

Cat (Black) CHIGURA, & Cat (Black) Sit by [[RH]] Design House