"You remind me of that time... When I didn't have a goal life... when I didn't even understand the importance of friends... ... I've finally found the understanding friends I've always been searching for. I cherish them more than anything else. I want to do my best for my friends... I now have a goal... ...Someday, when you find someone special, you'll understand. Whether it's a friend... or a loved one..."
-Lita/Sailor Jupiter

For fans of Sailor Moon Jupiter was a very interesting character.  Unlike the other characters, her past was kind of a mystery.  She lived alone in her own apartment at like 14 or 15 years old.  It was a very nice apartment.  Her parents died at a young age so how she is living nicely in Tokyo is a mystery.  She not only lost her parents but also gave up friendships and basically human contact/relationships for a very long time until she met the other Senshi.  She was tough, a tomboy and knew how to take care of herself.  I love all the Sailor Scouts but feel that Jupiter was one of the least favorites due to her difference in personality when compared to the other Scouts.  Anyways, I felt the Cutie Loot box had enough in it to create an image dedicated to her.  The hair was just perfect for inspiration.  Hope you like it!



Lotus Fountain Scene by Astralia @ The Arcade *New*

Skin: Rina in America (On Catwa Lona) by Glam Affair @ Collabor88 *New*

Sailor Bikinis & Pendants by Mello
Hair: Jenni by Pr!tty
Ariel Necklace by Noodles
Marian Lipstick Set by Enfer Sombre

Spiral Heart Rod - Jupiter by The Sugar Garden
The Jupiter Tiara by Wimey (Retired Item)
Sakura Petal PPL by Naminoke
Pose: Winter Goddess 10 by Vibe