What Once Was

Baby I've been there before
I was at the point where all I really wanted was someone
And now I'm still hanging on
I was at the end of every tether waiting
For what once was

Just chillin with my bestie June sporting the new Addams sandal heels and swimwear!  Get these shiny things you know you want them!  

What Once Was


Both Swinsuits: Jackie Swimwear bby Addams *New*

On Me:
Maria in Africa (Lelutka Applier) by Glam Affair for Lelutka Powder Pack April *New*
Shizuko Mesh Hair Gacha by Wasabi Pills @ The Chapter Four *New*
Selene Sandal Heels by Addams *New*
Candy Wedding #W006 Spring wedding Champagne glass Pink by Candy Nail
Pose: Recline 4 by !bang

Sunny Beach Boat RARE, Sunny Beach Lamp,  Sunny Fisherman Bucket, Sunny Lifeguards, Sunny Beach Pier RARE &  Sunny Beach Board by Serenity Style @ The Crossraods *New*

Summer Bucket with Champagne (Rez) - RARE by Zenith
Cherry Iced Tea, Open Book by Apple Fall
[Angel] Phone  Be true by Ariskea
Dinah.Sandals (Adobe) by Fri
Lilo's Beach Bag - Pineapple by Kalopsia
Picnic basket by Poche
Shells by Keke
Seagull by TLC