40 Miles From The Sun

There is nowhere left to hide 
There is nothing to be done 
No people to be saved 
No pets we've never names 
40 miles from the sun

She looks to the sky above, through the thick fog and pollution and wonders if there is something more beyond.  Her memories filled with times of happiness, warmth, fantasy and magic.  Did that world ever really exist?  It must have been a dream.  Has the whole world gone mad?  Or is it just San Mora that has fallen to decay?  Maybe it was always like this . . .

San Mora is one of 15 stunningly beautiful sims built for the 2017 Fantasy Faire!  Like Death Row Designs previous builds for the Faire, there are lots of hidden places to discover down the alleys, broken walls and buildings.  It stands out against the other Fantasy Faire sims as a more modern, apocalyptic bio-punk future.  A glimpse into the fate of what could happen to all the other Fairelands if they delve too deep into greed and corruption.  

The Fantasy Faire ends on April 30th.  You still have 4 and a half days to explore the sim and do the Bard Queens Quest.  There are tons of treasures to be found on the sims too.  Do not forget to check out all the exclusive items for Relay For Life and there are donation booths situated all over the Fairelands for you to donate too.  All proceeds go to help find a cure for cancer.  It is so important and even a small amount helps.  After the 30th these sims will fade away and will not return.  

40 Miles From The Sun


Photo Taken on the San Mora sim at The Fantasy Faire.  Brought to you by Death Row Designs!

On Me:
Victoria Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ Uber *New*
Breathing Mask / Unisex . Rare by .Shi x Messiah @ The Epiphany *New*
Outfit: Drusilla by Wicca's Wardrobe @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Robyn Boots by R3volt *New*
The Ever Sword Firo 1.04 by EZ Weapons/The Forge @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Corpse Scars & Bruises-Shattered RARE by The Horror!
Pose: Wild Child 10 by Poseidon