A Seaside Serenade

“If you swim effortlessly in the deep oceans, ride the waves to and from the shore, if you can breathe under water and dine on the deep treasures of the seas; mark my words, those who dwell on the rocks carrying nets will try to reel you into their catch. The last thing they want is for you to thrive in your habitat because they stand in their atmosphere where they beg and gasp for some air.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

And the sirens sing from every shear
As the Northern seamen are drawing near
How they sing, how they bring the North men closer in
They approach the ship,
Clinging on its rim

The Captain shouted "All hands below deck!  We camp here tonight but be warned . . . YAR . . . There be sirens below these waters and mark my words it means death if you fall for their call!  I will not lose any of my men to them tonight."  You are given sponge ear plugs and blindfolds to wear to block their beautiful song but you ignore the advice to wear.  As you begin to close your eyes you hear the most beautiful song.  It feels sad, a song of longing and also of love.  You awaken and step off the boat onto what looks like large rocks.  You look down and notice thatyou are not walking on giant stones and rocks but skulls!  Human and animal alike!  Fear fills your heart but you cannot resist the song.  You follow the song until you see its source.  Is it human?  No there is a fin.  There is a woman.  They are one!  Panic sets in but you cannot resist her serenade as it lures you into her trap.

A Seaside Serenade


On Me:
Sea Royalty Gacha: Arm Cuff, Mermaid Tail, Seashell Crown, Shell Top & Chains by Decoy @ Lootbox *New*
Hair: Rain // Splashing by LCKY @ The Arcade *New*
Skin: Adore Lanthe // Abyss by Lumae (On Lelutka Simone) (May be discontinued I'm so sorry)
Poses w/ Rock: Lure Island by The Cove @ The Secret Affair *New*

Stone Worms by Mushilu @ The Secret Affair *New*