Gypsy Moon

An echo of music, a face in the street, the wafer of the new moon, a wanton thought - only in the iridescence of things the vagabond soul is happy.
~Logan Pearsall Smith

Another post featuring Death Row Designs new Arcade Gacha set: Vagabond.  This is of the exterior of the wagon.  As you can see it is super gorgeous with lovely artwork textures and a neat little seating area and cute signs.  I added a few items of my own that I felt fit well with the gypsy traveler theme.  Hope you enjoy!


Vagabond Gacha Set: Trailer RARE,  Flower Bucket, Wood Sign, Wood Sign - Gypsy Soul,  Smokers Bench - One, Smokers Bench - Two, Tapestry - Wall - Two, Three & Four, Light Post by Death Row Designs *Coming Soon to The Arcade*

Hearthside Fire Pit by Jian

Standing Fairy Lamps by Death Row Designs

Spring Cleaning Set: Clothes Basket, Clothes Line White, Clothes Line Green and Bucket Seat by Unkindness

4 Season Long Grass V.01 by Sweet Revolution

Large Field of Grass HD-W M1 v1-1a & Birch Tree M15-1 v1-2 Forest by Hayabusa