“Voodoo very old magic - possibly one of the oldest forms of all time. It's often referred to as vodou or voudoun....
Voodoo worships the loa, which are literally spirits - like ghosts - but much more powerful. The priestess can summon the loa, and the spirit inhabits her body. It's called being 'ridden” 
― Amanda Carlson, Pure Blooded

Noble Creations will be participating in the Gorean Grid Hunt.  They have created a cool set of Outlaw Graves in black and brown.  They contain resize scripts so they can fit any avi, male or female or animal even :)  Here is a link to their preview of the item for a better look: [NC] GGH Hunt Item
The pose is a previous Bento release by La Baguette.  If you are looking for some neat and unique (Non Heart Hands LOL) Bento poses check out her shop and visit The Hentai Fair and her new gacha release coming to Sanarae that has items that use Bento!!



On Me:
Skin: Alexa in Africa 01 (On Catwa Catya) by Glam Affair @ kustom9 *New*
Outlaw Graves *New Gorean Hunt Item* & Black Slimy Snake by Noble Creations 
Deeply Rooted Gacha Hair: Earth by Besom @ The Epiphany *New*
Dress: Ragnarok by Moon Elixir
Maha Tattoo Monochrome by La Baguette @ The Kawaii Project *New*
Pose: Kazi G. Sit 5 by La Baguette

N. Witch Circle Campfire by Noctis
Ferns & Mossy Rocks by [[RH]] Design House
 The Witching Hour - Goat Skull by Madpea