Death to the Princess

Being alone with my pets is better than being with a person who you cant trust forever . . . Or who does not trust you in return.  It is one of the most painful feelings to have someone you hold dear no longer trust you . . .

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." 
--Ernest Hemingway

Trust takes two people to initiate.  If one has doubts the relationship is pointless.  If you cannot trust one another then nothing will work.  No matter what you say to tell that person you have done nothing wrong they will always believe the lies others tell them, the speculations they make . . .  It hurts so much to have someone you hold dear tell you they suspect or don't trust you and really have no basis to think so.  It is so painful and I am tired of crying, every damn day . . . I would rather be alone with my kitty cats than be with someone forever, in a marriage or friendship or family, who cannot trust me.  Animals know a genuine person right away and run from bad people.  They sense it so Ill cuddle with them for now.  I am saddened but there was no use trying to talk to someone who wont listen. Those who know me well understand what kind of person I am.  Just ask anyone who knows me personally and NOT someone who knows about me through outside sources and secondhand or through speculations and guesses.  Ask those who REALLY know me and they will tell you the truth.

Ill Never Be Your Princess


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