His Cinderella

“I'll tell you a secret about storytelling. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty... were not perfect in the beginning. It's only a happy ending on the last page, right? If the princess had everything from the beginning, there wouldn't be a story. Anyone who is imperfect or incomplete can become the main character in the story.” 
― Peach-Pit, Shugo Chara!, Vol. 2: Friends in Need

The Liaison Collaborative is now open and is full of Winter Wonderland themed items!  There are gachas, decor, fashion and more!  I felt like starting some princess themed images this month so here is the beginning.  The first couple will be of Cinderella.  This was pretty easy to do since !gO! released a cool rag doll like Cinderella dress.  It was perfect for this and {e}lusive released this decor set made up of books.  It was a perfect way to project the fantasy and story of the fairy-tale.  I even threw in some of ionics mice to add a more "Disney" feel to it.  I hope you enjoy!


On Me:
Noella Dress 1 by gO! @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Hair: Lost Kitten by Love @ Winter Solstice *New*
Holly Choker by Tapi @ Winter Solstice *New*
Renee in India (On Catwa Aisha) by Glam Affair @ Uber *New*
Pose: My Cinderella by Secret Body

Book Tree with Lights, Candles, Fireplace, Reading book & Crate of Books by {e}lusive
Bed and Breakfast - Lizette Bench by Death Row Designs

Festive Lights - DEWDROPS by Refined Wild @ Winter Solstice *New*
Patchwork Rug by Apple Fall
Happy Mice, Musician Mice & Sweet Mice by Ionic