Frost & Diamonds

That's how I survived. Time and time again. That's my secret. I survived because I willed it to be. ... How did I survive apocalyptic fire? I simply refused to feel the flames.
--Emma Frost (X-Man/Villain) 

Sigh, Emma Frost (AKA The White Queen) . . . This is, honestly, not one of my favorite hero characters.  I like Emma Frost more as a Villain in the Marvel Universe.  The evil status fits her much better than being a good guy.  And, to me, anyone who spits on Phoenix's/Jean Greys grave deserves top villain status and ultimate burnination. . . Though I have to admit, her threatening to totally Dom Thor by making him kneel and pulling his hair as he crawls at her feet is rather comical, which is why I like her more as a villain :P
Frost & Diamonds


Top & Panties: Mimi Outfit by United Colors @ Whore Couture Fair *New*
Cape: Danae by Aisling
Gloves: Leather Belt Gloves by Zenith *New*
Choker: Bacall Pearl Choker by EarthStones @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Harness: Voracious Harness by Plastik @ Fluffy & Fierce *New*
Hair: Hot by Exile @ The Arcade *New*
Particles: Good Witch by Cole's Corner *New*
Pose: Blown Away 1 by Infiniti