Jubilation Lee

We can do anything. We can be anyone. That's the definition of being alive. That's magic. Race you to the bottom!
~Jubilation Lee (Earth-616)  X-Man

I made another superhero pic!!!  This time it is Jubilee from X-Men.  Whie I found her character quite annoying on the TV show, in the comics she was a profound and entertaining mutant.  Especially in her Generation X years (a great lesser known X-Men series from the 90's.  Check it out!)   It was kind of hard to find pieces for this outfit as a yellow trenchboat for women thats actually nice is hard to come by.  This jacket by Addams, while not close to her early 90s look, is a nice modern take on it.  Most of the stuff here is from Whore Couture: Back to School Edition.  You should definitely check that event out!  Enjoy!

Jubilation Lee


Top: Yanisa Top by Insanya @ Whore Couture Fair *New*
Shorts: Patched Shorts by Suicidal Unborn @ Whore Couture Fair *New*
Jacket: Lulu Leather Jacket by Addams
Hair: Sohyun by Monso *New*
Choker: Student Collar by PaperDoll @ Whore Couture Fair *New*
Glasses: VR Goggles Gold by BoildEgg @ CCB *New*
Magic: Sweet Sorcery Hands! by Epic
Gloves: Slink fingerless glove appliers - Basics by A:S:S
Pose: Kayelle Series Two (Modified with Animare) by An Lar Poses *New*

#selfie_RAMA Graffiti Garage by RAMA