And Now For Something Completely Different

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” 
~ Marilyn Monroe

 She left him because she knew she could do better.  She knew that the way he treated her was no good and that there was someone else out there who would love her for who she is unconditionally. . .

Pin Me Down is back for The Skin Fair and she has a new release of mascara tears and lipstick for system and Lelutka mesh heads!  I have been looking all over for lipstick like this and very few make it.  I was so happy with this I had to do a close up of my head.  HAHA!  Mabye she will release the lipstick and tears for Omega heads . . . O.O!  A girl can dream :P  The Chaise is by AE and has about a dozen poses in it that are perfect for pictures!  They are all static poses so if you want something where you move then look elsewhere.  This item was so perfect for my blog and it has a classic design which is great for household decor.  The chaise can be found at The Pose Fair which runs until March 26th. Enjoy this pic!

And Now For Something Completely Different


Corset & Necklace: L'odeur du cuir Corset RARE & Necklace by Enfant Terrible
Pasties: Pasties Ribbons by Carol G. Tattoo
Hair w/ Hat: Miss Mabel RARE by Lamb
Tattoo: Dark White Star Collar by Urban Street
Tears & Lipstick: Crying & Ani (Lipstick) for Lelutka by Pin Me Down @ The Skin Fair *New*
Eyes: Fright Night Eyes by The Stringer Mausoleum
Pose w/ Chaise: Chaise Posing Prop by AE Aerial Poses @ The Pose Fair *New*
Voodoo Doll Love by Kalopsia