A Pirates Life

I have a new sponsor!  YAY!  Say hello to Fair Play!  If you like fantasy then you will love this monthly event :)  Now go on and listen to some Pirate Metal!  Yarr Harrr!

Yar har, fiddle di dee,
 Being a pirate is alright to be!
 Do what you want '‘cause a pirate is free,
 You are a pirate!
 Arr yarr, ahoy and avast,
 Hang the black flag
 At the end of the mast!
 You are a pirate!
~Lyrics from You're a Pirate by Alestorm


Outfit w/ Heels: Kessick by Jinx @ Fair Play August 2015 Round *New*
Hair: Eleanor Hair by Lelutka *New*

Necklace: Guardian of Reims Necklace by  ImmateriA  @ Fair Play August 2015 Round *New*
Hat: Pirate Wench Hat by Alchemy
Eyepatch: Dark Soul Eyepatch by DirtyStories

Skin: Aria in Autumn by Pumec
Head: Fierce Deluxe Head by The Mesh Project

Pose: Female Sit Collection 5 by Vestige