Shall I Play for You?

“Hear the voice of the Bard! / Who present, past, and future sees; / Whose ears have heard/ The Holy Word / That walked among the ancient trees.”
 William Blake


Top: Jaya Top in Coral by Fishy Strawberry @ Uber *New*
Skirt: Gypsy Skirt by Stars Fashion @ The Wash (Only 10L!!)
Hair: Shaaswat (Scarf) by Little Bones @ Uber *New*
Sandals & Hand Bracelets: Black Butterfly Tigers Eye by No Half Steppin @ The Wash (50L!)

Horns: Jeweled Arachnid Horns by La Biche *New*
Choker: Jatikka Sitra Choker Set by LUM @ The Wash (Only 10L!)
Eye Piercings: Mera Piercings by Ni.Ju
Mouth Piercings: Spit by Punch

Tattoo: Like I can by Datum *New*
Skin: Kotoko in F-Tone by The Sugar Garden
Mouth: Brandee by Loud Mouth

Photos taken on the SL Botanical Gardens sim.