Poseidon's Devoted

"Poseidon, god of the sea, has some anger management issues. Sometimes he is super placid and calm, but other times he is about as angry and vengeful as it gets. We suppose this personality makes a lot of sense for the god of the ocean; sometimes its waters are calm, and other times they send waves crashing." 


Mermaid Tail: Female Mermaid Tail by Jomo
Pasties: Scale Pasties by MAD
Hair: Porsha by Taketomi

Necklace: Lady of Highgarden Necklace by aisling
Headpiece: Lady of Highgarden Ultra Rare Headpiece by aisling
Hand Bracelets: Lady of Highgarden Hands (gacha) by aisling
Mouth Piercings: Ova Piercings by Cute Poison
Nose Piercing: Septum 1K Piercing Gacha by Pomposity

Scales: Gradient Mer Scales by Even~Tide
Skin: Hera in Cupid (gift) by Pixy Stix
Hands by Slink
Body by Maitreya
Nyam Nyam Mouth by Cathode Rays

Pose by Posesion Siren Set

Photo taken on the Poseidons Abyss Fantasy Faire sim.