Mmmm Fun Sized

I don't know about all of you candy fans out there but my favorite time of year for candy goodness is Easter time!  I love those Cadbury cream eggs and mini eggs, marshmallow filled eggs, robins eggs, etc.  This year is truly a tim e of weakness for me and my eating habit. :P  All those "funsized" candies turn into giant-sized mistakes.  But it's only once a year so why not?  So, I could not resist the urge to get the funsized shirt from alterego and trot around in it.  Hmmm, I might be funsized but I can be giant sized trouble . . . sometimes.


Top: Half Top by alterego
Jeans: Legacy Denim - colours- Copper by alterego
Hair: Elektra by [Entwined]
Horns: Chrysophylax Horns:// Ember by The Plastik
Belly Chain: Los Muertos Bellychain by Pomposity
Skin: Papaver Tone by Kyxes Design
Body: Venus by Belleza