Beware the Ice Queen

Just when you thought winter was over . . .

From the depths of the woods emerges the Ice Queen.  
A trickster, a fae, a force to be reckoned with,
With eyes wide open you cry for an end,
end this bitterness, end this cold,
End your reign oh Mighty Queen

Through the screaming silence of winter blows ice winds so cold
A laughter so crisp it numbs your fingers and toes
"My reign is not over oh puny mortal!  I rule this world until my last days."

With her hand she casts a frigid light,
piercing the skies with all its might.
Down comes a flake, or two or ten
A mighty blizzard so intense surrounds you
covers your body and sinks deep into your bones
Winter has not yet released her reigns on you

The Look:

Gown: Frozen Queen in Pink by VoodooDollz
Crown: Savage Winter in Snow by .aisling 
Ring: Serpentine Ring by Baubles
Choker: Dreams Choker in Cream by Alchemy
Earrings: The Promised Morrow Set Gift by Chop Zuey
Hair: Delilah Hair by Olive
Piercing: Bias Facial Piercing by Scene

Tattoo: Snowflakes by Para Designs
Skin: Malyiah in Havana by alterego
Mouth: Nyam Nyam by Cathode Rays
Hands: Casual Hands by Slink

Pose: Poses with Snowflake by Icons of Style
Fairy Familiar: Cavern Fae in Violet by Zyn @ Fantasy Gacha Feb 2015