The Basics of Me


Hi All,
I am a blogger in SL that really enjoys blogging the weird stuff, fantasy, sci fi, cyberpunk, steampunk, urban fantasy etc.  I do the other kinds of posts too but the above are my favorites.  I am a materials junkie and love showing them off in my photos!  I am a Blogger Manager for Birth Skins, Enchantment, The Liaison Collaborative & Hullabazoo.  I am also co-owner of Chronicles & Legends and media manager for Wanderlust Weekend.

I am sporadic on here and that is due to me being in medical school.  So my RL gets very busy and hectic.  Due to this, I am usually only in SL to do my artwork for my blog and the occasional shopping.  My blog stuff (like this About Me page!) gets put to the wayside but I always catch up with my sponsors.  I try to keep a small number of sponsors that I love!  I cycle through because I feel everyone should get a chance to blog for the brand they want.  

I tend to chat a bunch on Discord with my friends.  When I am on break or have long weekends I tend to play Guild Wars 2 (Mostly I play a human Necromancer or Norn Mesmer though my original character I still play sometimes is an Asura Elementalist) and just got Black Desert Online (though I have not been able to play for long periods due to my RL scheduling) plus I like to workout.  I recently graduated from a Physical Therapist Assistant program and passed my board exams.  Hoping to find work during a pandemic is challenging.

The Goods
So in almost all my images I use a few of the same parts.  I'll highlight those for you all in bold print.  The rest I use fairly often unless noted.  These items I am just going to post here with their slurls so I don't have to keep crediting them on every image.


  • Legacy Classic & Perky by MeshBody (I wear this in about 90% of my images.  If an outfit is Maitreya only I usually wear the deformers for this body unless I just cannot get the look to work.  Then I switch back to Maitreya but that is rare)
  • Inithium Kupra Kups & Classic
  • Lara by Maitreya (I used to wear this quite a bit but got really tired of the boxy look I got when trying to make it curvy.  Even at it's curviness the lines were no where near as smooth as Inithium, Freya, or Legacy.  It also used to not support materials though that has finally changed.)

Mouth (Only in my Pre 2016 images): Brandee or Elena Kissy by Loud Mouth

Heads:  My most used ones are:

Lily, Avalon, Briannon, Ryn, & Ceylon by Lelutka (Favorites!)
Baby Face, Classic Face, Strong Face & Strange Face  by Genus Project (Loooove!)
Queen HDPro by Catwa (very rare I wear this but I do occasionally) 

Others I own and will use from time to time are:

Lelutka Heads  - Any combination of the other heads
Catwa Sasa HD Pro (Haven't used yet but soon will)

Male Avatar Wears:
Lelutka - Connor & Skyler
Catwa - George HDPro

My favorite skin places that I use in most of my images are:

Glam Affair
Tres Beau
Stargazer Creations (Also where I get 95% of my Star Wars-inspired things!!)
Fallen Gods Inc.
Enfer Sombre

There are other skin places I shop at too but the above make the body layers that I need for the style I frequent the most.