The Basics of Me


Hi All,
I am a blogger in SL that really enjoys blogging the weird stuff, fantasy, sci fi, cyberpunk, steampunk, urban fantasy etc.  I do the other kinds of posts too but the above are my favorites.  I am a materials junkie and love showing them off in my photos!  I am a Blogger Manager for Birth Skins, The Liaison Collaborative & Hullabazoo.  I am also co-owner of Enchantment, Chronicles & Legends, and media manager for Wanderlust Weekend.

My blog stuff (like this About Me page!) gets put to the wayside but I always catch up with my sponsors.  I try to keep a small number of sponsors that I love!  I cycle through because I feel everyone should get a chance to blog for the brand they want.  

I tend to chat a bunch on Discord with my friends.  When I am on break or have long weekends I tend to play Guild Wars 2 (Mostly I play a human Necromancer or Norn Mesmer though the original character I still play sometimes is an Asura Elementalist) and I am back playing The Sims 4 plus I like to workout with the hope of going back to dancing soon.  I have a Buy Me A Coffee website coming soon which will have some of my other projects that include higher resolutions and NSFW versions of some of my work. I will also be working on some Tarot cards, Oracle Cards, and some fun new characters for "imaginary" character trading cards. Stay tuned!!

The Goods
So in almost all my images I use a few of the same parts.  I'll highlight those for you all in bold print.  The rest I use pretty often unless noted.  These items I am just going to post here with their slurls so I don't have to keep crediting them on every image.


  • Reborn by eBody - Truly one of the best bodies don't the market! I wear this body in the majority of my newest pictures starting in 2022.
  • Legacy Classic & Perky by MeshBody (I wear this in about 30% of my new images (circa 2022).  If an outfit is Maitreya only I usually wear the deformers for this body unless I just cannot get the look to work.  Then I switch back to Maitreya but that is rare)
  • The Peach by Spider Productions

Mouth (Only in my Pre 2016 images): Brandee or Elena Kissy by Loud Mouth

Heads:  My most used ones are:

Lily, Avalon, Briannon, Fleur, & Ceylon by Lelutka (Favorites!)
Baby Face, Classic Face, Strong Face & Strange Face  by Genus Project (Loooove!)
Queen HDPro by Catwa (very rare I wear this but I do occasionally) 

Others I own and will use from time to time are:

Lelutka Heads  - Any combination of the other heads
Akeruka ADVX Heads - Mei Lin and Andro

Male Avatar Wears:
Lelutka - Eon, Connor & Skyler
Catwa - George HDPro

My favorite skin places that I use in most of my images are:

Tres Beau
Stargazer Creations (Also where I get 95% of my Star Wars-inspired things!!)
Fallen Gods Inc. (No EvoX yet)
Enfer Sombre
Pity Party
The Stringer Mausoleum

There are other skin places I shop at too but the above make the body layers that I need for the style I frequent the most.