If you would like for me to blog for you then feel free to contact me inworld.  I am usually very busy but I may have an opening.  
Also please note: I only blog for places that are my style and I will only add a new sponsor if it is something different than what I already have.  

For example: If I already blog for 2 gothic clothing designers I probably wont add another.  Not until later when I decide to change.

Also note, if you send me items inworld they are NOT GUARANTEED to be blogged UNLESS you are a sponsor then your stuff will always get first priority.  I am sorry but I have a tight schedule on some days and I have to focus on my sponsors first.  I may or may not get to your item.  If the item is not my style then I definitely won't blog. Things get lost in my inventory too so if you send something please say hello too otherwise I may never know you even sent anything :(  This makes me a sad panda. :P

I really dislike random Notecards sent to me (they get lost in my mess of an inventory) but I do read them.  Please do not take offense if I do not sign up.  I just may be really busy. 

Now on to things I like: I love gothic and fantasy styles.  I will do others if they appeal to me but those are my favorites.  I love decor, they add flavor to my art (especially goth and fantasy items).  Of course I love hair too!   I love blogging scenes so decor, furniture and landscaping pieces are great for my blog too!

I wear a mesh body so if you cater to mesh bodies and heads that is also a plus.  I will not blog system makeups or skins (sorry, I'm full mesh or almost full mesh now.) I am starting to phase out blogging mesh clothing in standard sizes.  They are much harder to work with than fitted mesh.