Fire Underwater

 Like Spongebob, things don't always have to make sense to be enjoyable.

Fire Underwater


We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

Clara Skin in Dracula by Loa

UnSquish: Medium Horns by Soul

Gemma Base for Nemissa Tail by Misteria

Skull Lantern & Metal Torch / Wall by Cabal

Larry's hideout by Cosmos

Everything Else:

Head: Gaia by Lelutka

Body: Legacy by MeshBody

Nemissa Tail by Cynefin

Sweetheart Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Hentai Fair *NEW*

Chaos Hair (includes Jeweled Neck) by {Aii & Ego's HAIR HELL} @ Equal10 *NEW*

- This revolutionary new hair uses BOM technology to allow you to add layers of multiple colors, patterns, and shapes to your hair! In this image I am wearing the following layers: base color monochrome 5, Ombre Red 4, and Secondary Blonde 1.

Piercings: Bra Olivia, Color 2 by Romazin

Drool by Witch (Store might be closed sorry)

Tentacles from various places.

~D.C.M~ [Tentacles] [FP ] (Grey/Red)

Pixelancer ~ Tentacle v3

Tentacle Attack Series 2 (Props) by Foxcity

Water Underbrush by Cerridwens Cauldron

Pose made in Black Dragon