Some Are Born Into The Endless Night

 “There are the people of the day, and the creatures of the night. And it's important to remember that the creatures of the night aren't simply the people of the day staying up late because they think that makes them cool and interesting. It takes more than heavy mascara and a pale complexion to cross the divide.”

— Terry Pratchett

Some Are Born Into The Endless Night


The Bloodcroft Castle Set by Death Row Designs *Mainstore*

Throne, Side Table, Coffin - One, Crypt Candles - Four, Three, & One, Bookcase & Chandalabra 

Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW*

Pose: Throne 5 by Astalianda @ Opet

Paris Armor by Atame @ Opet

Leight Horns 1.01 - Demon by A Fantastical Notion @ Gaalthyr

Skin - Nessa [101 Mango] by Stix @ Sylvuselah

Tome of Aldair {Tech Magic} by Second Life Syndicate @ Atheneum

Other Items:

Head: Halle by Lelutka

Suffocated Eyebrows by Minuit

Body: Reborn by eBody

Dark Places Shine + Tattoo by This is Wrong @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Theodora Hair by Raven Bell

Demure Collar (@ Chronicles & Legends) *NEW* & Lilith's Elixirs - Love Potion (@ Mainstore) by Short Leash