We are the primal world

The world you shut

Behind closed gates and closed doors

The world of plague and pestilence

Beauty and fierce grace

We are the raging lightning

The blaze, the bonfire

The thrumming haze of dance

The frenzy of a blood-soaked battle

We are all you try to avoid

We are the monsters and maidens

We are the outcast and trusted

We are the progenitors of Gods

We are Gods Ourselves

See us, and see the animal

The planter

The healer

The harmed

The archer

The flame

The mother

The father

The lover

The walker

The Fire

The Ice

The Void

We are part of you, this world

We are Its untamed spirits and its closest kin

We are Jotun



 Head: Inez by Lelutka *NEW*

Inez Skin by Glam Affair @ Kustom9 *NEW*

Hairbase 19 & Hanabi Add-on Hair by Tableau Vivant

Wrinkled Shine 3D by This is Wrong @ ManCave *NEW*

Mazikeen Set (Collar, Bra & Panties) by Play Devil @ Kinky Event *NEW*

Amicus Halo by Random Matter

Pose made in Black Dragon