Bring Forth Ye Shadow

 Yet, who doth my future narrate?

Dim the lights, I cannot see

Bring forth ye shadow

With whom danceth thou

~Theatre of Tragedy

Bring Forth Ye Shadow


Hallow Manor Items: NEW *Closes Oct 31st*

Wailing Countess Gown (Exclusive) + Wailing Countess Horns (HUNT GIFT!) by Moon Amore

Skin: Celosia in Dracula (Exclusive) + Red Rum Eyeshadow EvoX by Pity Party

Mix Bento Nails Mesh Kill by Stunner's Originals

Pose: Demonz 4 by Belleposes (HUNT GIFT) Modified due to holding poses for props. Pose set comes with neon devil tail and trident

More Goodies:

Bloody Mary's Haunted Mirror by The Emporium @ Satan Inc. *NEW*

Ancient Arcana - Book - Red & Page Aura by Random Matter @ The Epiphany *NEW* 

Light in the Dark Candle @ Random Matter Mainstore 

Dark Kitty Skull & Pumpkin by Foxwood @ Kustom9  *NEW*


Head: Gaia by Lelutka @ Equal10 *NEW*

Cenobite (Materials Tattoo + Glass) by This is Wrong @ Salem *NEW*

Hair: Fallen by Moon