The Only Way

 Everytime you go away

I feel the pain

I feel the same

It's like a rain

I hear your name

I fall apart

Is this the end

Why do we start

This is the only way

You go away

Be my friend

Come back again

Come back again

~ Tricky

The Only Way


Cabinet of Curiosities - Gramophone [Black], The Room - RARE, Plant Stand, Snail Terrarium - RARE, Book Stack EXCLUSIVE, & Globe by Random Matter @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Fresh rugs, Bleu Maison Ed. [Tex.change] by Libertine

Orryn Candle Dish & Orryn Candelabra by Petrichor & Reliquary @ Midnight Order *NEW*

Revival Dressing Room Screen Set by Eclectica Curiosities Midnight Order *NEW*

On Sugah:
Head: Zora by Lelutka
Hair: Sunrise by Magika
Alouqua Dress Clear by Cureless
Hatsuhone Skeleton - Holy Pack by Ghoul
Tears of Blood by Unholy

On Pan:  
The Miller Mens Suspenders & Slacks  (Suit) by Lux Aeterna @ Midnight Order *NEW*

Pose: Statue by Ana Poses (Altered using black dragon)