Something Wicked

 Come and join our wild ride, the sideshow is in town!

With dancing bears and elephants, and certainly some clowns.

The greatest wonder of them all, a marvel to behold:

An Illustrated Man so dark, will own your very soul!

Something Wicked This Way Comes,

Something in the night!

Something Wicked That Way Went,

What an awful fright!

Something Wicked This Way Comes,

Something isn't right...

Something Wicked That Way Went,

Tempting you with...

Health and vigor, youth and strength,

We can make it so!

Join us on our carousel -

"Round and round you go!"

Anything your heart desires: make your riches grow,

Power, glory, love or lust, it's all part of the show!

As autumn leaves turn brown, and tumble to the ground,

You'll surely know the Shadow Show's in town!

In town!

In town!

The Shadow Show's in town!

Gather round!

Gather round!

We're coming to your town!

~ Vernian Process

Something Wicked


Featuring: Playful Pet Agility Course by Short Leash *Mainstore*

On Sugah:

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Elizabeth Skin by Nar Mattaru

Hair: Vonks by Adoness

Lovely Sadist Outfit Gacha Fatpack by Cureless

Pose made by me

Stage by Hideki

Knife Throwing Act by Death Row Designs