Close Your Eyes & Dream . . .

 No words, no talk.

We'll go dreaming

No pain, no hurt.

We'll go dreaming

Walk with me,

The future's at hand.

Here with us,

Here where you stand.

We both know the power of pain,

We get back up and start it again.

With new hope, no place for tears,

Leave behind those frozen years.

Come with me and the dream.

We don't know how it can be,

Searching out dignity.

Nothing can be as savage as love,

One taste is never enough.

With new hope, no place for tears.

Catch my hand and come with me.

Close your eyes and dream.

~ BT, Dreaming

Close Your Eyes & Dream . . .


Nerida's Necklace (On Both) by Short Leash @ Kinky Event *NEW*

On Me:

Head and Hair Base: Lilly 3.1 EvoX by Lelutka

Tempest hair by Tableau Vivant (Old Hair)

Mermaid Body Scales by Sunniva

Lydia Nails by Formanails

Sorry I forgot the skin I was wearing . . . please don't kill me . . .

Coral Bra by Antaya

Nemissa Mermaid Tail by Cynefin

Oblivion Crown by STUN Poses

Medium Setting: Lamp, Side Table, Books, Chair by Disorderly @ Blanc *NEW*

Flooded Room Backdrop by Synnergy

Pose: Save You by K&S