Analog Dreams

Virtual reality is like dreaming with your eyes open.

~ Brennan Spiegel

Analog Dreams


Mainframe Items:

Cyberpunkroom (cyan) by Zeroichi

Galaxy Suit by Black Cats Creations (Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Perky)

Light Gacha: Horns 03 Uncommon & Nimbus 07 Uncommon by AZARAN

Stellar Remora (Particles) by Static

Everything Else:

Hair: Vent + Hairbase 15 by Tableau Vivant

The Collector Tattoo by This is Wrong @ The Warehouse *NEW*

Pose w/ Helmet: Zero Gravity by Black Cats Creations


Sentient plush boy by Clover @ LEVEL *NEW*

Solo Gacha Set - Desk RARE, Monitor, Nano Energy, PC by BAMSE

Splash! / mineral water by Fakeicon