Nukekubi are monsters found in Japanese folklore, although they have no standard racial appearance in human form. By day, nukekubi appear to be normal human beings. By night, however, their heads and necks detach smoothly from their bodies and fly about independently in search of human prey. These heads attack by screaming, (to increase their victims' fright) then closing in and biting. They must consume flesh and blood nightly to survive.



Enchantment Items: *New* Event closes May 31st
- Fika - Kitsunetsuki - Female
AZOURY - The Krasue Neck Cap & Mirror Head
AMBIX - Kagura Fan

*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(HANA)Black
Bloody Throat GIFT by Le Forme 
Face & Body Blood & Wounds by Izzie's
Pose: Oriental 13 by UZME

Floor Roses by Aisling
Bigger Pile of Skulls & Mesh Blood by MedievalFantasy
House Of Zen Backdrop & Tea Set by House of Shade