The White Hart

As with so many especial events during Arthur's reign, adventures often began during a high feast, this one being the wedding of Arthur to Guenever. The high feast was made ready when Arthur was wedded to Guenever in the church of Saint Stephen's in Camelot. Merlin asks that all the knights remain at their seats to see a strange adventure. A white hart comes running into the hall chased by a white brachet and thirty couple of black running hounds. The brachet manages to catch and bite the hart, which in its frenzy to escape leaps the table overthrowing a knight and escapes. The knight rises and takes the brachet and departs. A lady comes riding in on a white palfrey and requests the return of her brachet, crying aloud and making great dole. As she cries, a knight appears and takes her by force and departs. Arthur is relieved for she made a great noise but Merlin will not let him put aside the adventure lightly. Merlin requests that Arthur send Gawaine to bring back the hart, Tor to bring back the brachet, and Pellinore to return the damsel.
~Quest of The White Hart, Legend of Camelot

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The White Hart


Head & Body:
Head: Classic Face by The Genus Project
Elspeth Skin & Elf Ears Tone 3 by Ritual *New* Made for Genus, Lelutka, LAQ & Catwa heads.  Bodies Supported: Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Omega.
Amara Eyes Pack A & B by -bus- *New*
Hair Natalia by Sintiklia @ Collabor88 *New*
Stained Glass Materials Shine by Stargazer Creations *Coming Soon*
Pose: Runway 10 by WetCat

Outfit & Accessories:
The White Hart (Outfit) by The Looking Glass @ Enchantment *New*
Virgin White Necklace by Shanghai
Yokai Chronicles / Zenko Kitsune Descending / NOIR & Ascending NOIR by Cureless

Skull Head Fox Black by Maru Kado