Diner Days

“It's a sign of a good diner to have customers who are stuck in time. A well-known rule of eating is that if there are no time-loop customers, the place probably isn't worth even ordering a plate of fries.” 
― Joseph Fink

Vintage Fair opens Thursday June 6th!  Here are some more sneak previews of some of the coolest items from the event <3 KiB Designs dresses at the fair are to die for!  And the Doe hair is an older release that can be found on her Marketplace. Enjoy!

Diner Days


On Me:
Head: Cherry by LAQ
LAQ Jawbreaker Lipstick & Bad Girl Eyeliner by Shiny Stuff *Coming Soon to The Vintage Fair* NEW
Hair: Biji by Doe
Mrs Dazzy Dress by KiB Designs *Coming Soon to The Vintage Fair* NEW
Pose with Record: Debbie by BellePoses

Backdrop 50's Diner by *~*HopScotch*~* *Coming Soon to The Vintage Fair* NEW

BonBon Floats / Cherry Soda, Root Beer & Hearty Burger by Cureless

Shiba Inu - Better View & Shiba Inu - Please? by +Half-Deer+

[tmk] gumball machine Black RARE