At The Crossroads of The Worlds

“Right and wrong matters little when survival matters most.” 
― Kevin James Breaux, Blood Divide

Her name was Layla of the Summer Rose.  She was born the child of a young knight and his affair with a great queen.  Her father fought against the forces of evil all over the Fairelands but one day passed in battle. A bastard, she was forced away from her family to find her own place in the world.  Her sadness led her down many paths, both good, evil and even grey.  She soon learned to walk that grey line between the light and the dark that surrounded this world.  Neither light nor dark, evil nor good, she wandered the lands hiding in the shadows, hunting and surviving as she needed.  Then one day a man appeared to her and gave her a chance to see all and know all.  Tempted she fell for his trap and her soul was stolen.  Now only darkness remains in her empty husk of a body.  Forced to be an assassin for hire, she now works in the shadows for a new goal . . . She is no longer Layla.  From today on forward she is only known as Nightmist.

Come to the 2019 Fantasy Faire!  It is full of wonder, adventure and shopping too.  It is only once a year and its one of my favorite times to be in SL.  Join us and have fun <3

At The Crossroads of The Worlds


On Me:
Head: Aida by Lelutka
Skin: Ariel Applier 16 Tone 009 by Glam Affair @ Kustom9 *New*
Hair: Cece by Exile @ The Epiphany *New*
Monster Eyes by Izzie's
Noir Gacha Outfit: Panties, Harness Inner, Harness Outter & Boots by The Forge @ The Epiphany *New*
MataHari - jewelPastie (add) **FRANGIPANI** by DeviousMind
Gothic Halo Gold by Air @ The Fantasy Faire: The Shrine Tree *New*
Viduus' Scythe by Deadly Nightshade @ The Fantasy Faire: Twilight Spring *New*
Drums Scarification by Birth @ The Fantasy Faire: Tensor's Flying Market *New*
Pose: Scythe 8 by Poseidon

The Shrine Tree Items: Tapestry Tree, Moonstone 1 Moss Rock Muted, Moonstone 2 Granite Bright, The Shrine Tree Twinkle Tree 3, Twinkle Tree 1, Butterfly Daisy 2 & Grass Clumps by The Looking Glass @ The Fantasy Faire: The Shrine Tree *New*

Tiger Static Mesh - Roar by Jian