Heart Full Of Earth & A Head Full Of Sky

I'm a blood an' bone heya heya primitive caveman
I can talk to the trees but I don't speak Human
Got a heart full of Earth and a head full of Sky
I got Spirit Drum Wolf Claw Raven's Eye

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens tonight, midnight SLT!!!  
Some amazing designers this round for one of SL's top fantasy events!!!  SLURL is coming soon!  The Fantasy Faire maybe over but you might be able to sneak to the Fairelands for a few more days and grab some of the exclusives.  This new skin is by Fallen Gods and is their Relay For Life exclusive.  This color will not be available after the Fairelands fade away into the umbra. . . 


Head: Rebel by LAQ
Skin: Balance Classic (Flow) by Fallen Gods @ The Fantasy Faire: Aethera *New*
Hair: Andy by Besom @ Kustom9 *New*
Grenna Gacha Outfit: Armbands, Bracers, Bra, Skirt, Socks & Spear by Luas *Coming Soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival* NEW
Flower Wing Gacha: Reeves Spirea by Naminoke *Coming Soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival* NEW
Pose w/ Sword: Feral Heart 06 by Eternal Dream *Coming Soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival* NEW

Brothers Gacha: Crouching Dragon Black - COMMON by 22769