Sweet Tooth

All I really need is love, but a little candy now and then doesn't hurt!
~Charles Schulz

Lots of new shiny things from Fantasy Faire and N21!!!  Check out Lumae's new fantasy tones for her Elvi and Neoma.  Im wearing Neoma on the Catwa Uma head.  The dress is a new Fantasy Faire exclusive by The Annex.  Its short and sexy.  The hair is really unique.  It is by Besom and is at N21.  The style has a wrap around braid to a pony tail.  The pony tail can be changed, via a HUD, to a loop or straight tail.  It is uber cute and perfect to show off cute earrings like the ones I have on by Ersch (also from N21).  Enjoy!


Skin & Leevi Ears: Catwa - Neoma - Ethesi // Neutral (On Uma) by Lumae @ The Fantasy Faire: Pools of Ethuil *New*
Lex by Besom @ N21 *New*
Sorsha Dress by The Annex @ The Fantasy Faire: Erstwhile *New*
Heidi Bento Rings by Meva *New*
Palm Set of Jewelry by ERSCH @ N21 *New*
Leafy Armbands by Apple May Designs @ N21 *New*
Bambi Heels by Vale Koer @ N21 *New*
Pose w/ Lollipop: Sweet Tooth by Foxcity

WHISPERS Hearts Addon by E.V.E Studio
Colorbomb Backdrops - [Hearts] #01 by Lagom @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*