My Favorite Things

“So sweet and delicious do I become,
when I am in bed with a man
who, I sense, loves and enjoys me,
that the pleasure I bring excels all delight,
so the knot of love, however tight
it seemed before, is tied tighter still.” 
― Veronica Franco

New round of The Coven is coming!  Next round is "Cuffed & Collared" and opens February 3rd!!


On Me:
Kathleen Hair by Phoenix @ FaMeshed *New*
Tender Bunny Mask & Venus Earrings by ERSCH @ The Coven *Coming Soon*
Douleia Outfit Set - Ruby by Stargazer Creations @ The Coven *Coming Soon*
Boots: Trumpet Vine by #Empire @ N21 *New*
Bitten (Scar applier) by The Crone @ The Coven *Coming Soon*
Pose w/ Prop: Me Time Fatpack Exclusive by Foxcity

Lille Vanity Table by Chez Moi @ Tres Chic *New*
Tentickle Set - Spooky by The Horror